Success Stories

Discovering the Right Chemistry for an International Distributor

A large distributor of chemicals serving Africa , Europe , Latin America and Middle East needed to become more competitive in its marketplace. Celeritas helped the company change its strategy to acquire and distribute chemicals by doing the following:

  • Changing its buying behavior from small to large quantities
  • Building storage and warehousing infrastructure capabilities to increase storage/warehousing revenue and get into just-in-time and customized distribution
  • Researching, negotiating and sourcing bulk chemicals
  • Reducing company raw material acquisition costs by over 30%

Thanks to Celeritas, this company has science for success.


Leveling the Playing Field for a Large Manufacturer

A large manufacturer in the FMCG market arena realized that its competitor was able to develop a key raw material internally, and provide an important consumer product at a much lower cost. The large manufacturer directed Celeritas to take fast action. We researched the globe for companies who had the capability to manufacture similar raw materials at a price that would level the playing field with the competition. Celeritas was able to identify an overseas manufacturer to develop a similar raw material and supplied our client at a competitive price point. Our client wanted us to:

  • Research various manufacturers of a similar raw material and find a substitute with a low acquisition cost.
  • If that raw material was not available, the manufacturer wanted to have the ability to research and develop alternative products Thanks to Celeritas, this company has science for success.

Celeritas was able to identify a manufacturer with state-of-the art technology and know-how to develop the product. Celeritas is developing a winning strategy to bring these two parties together to develop an alternative solution so that this large manufacturer can be at the top of its game.


Solving a Slippery Problem for an Oil Services Company

A Fortune 500 oil services company had acute problems acquiring specific grade of high quality silicone oil which was in short supply domestically, making it very difficult for the company to keep their plant in operation. Further, they had poor experience with their current supplier as poor quality product was provided, resulting in large losses. The challenge that was presented to Celeritas was:

  • Try to get domestic allocation of Silicone Oil for immediate consumption
  • Research globally to find alternative sources of Silicone Oil that meets stringent technical specifications, qualify the supplier and supply the product.

With the help of network of manufacturers and chemical distributors, Celeritas was able to get immediate allocation of Silicone Oil. Through research, we were able to identify a reputable manufacturer of this chemical in China . Through diligent application of knowledge we were able to qualify technical specifications and provide the oil services company a plethora of options.


Facilitating the Growth of an Agro Chemical Company

A large, private held, successful Agro Chemical company was trying to develop a new product. But the key ingredient needed for their new product was manufactured by select manufacturers in a few countries. Our client company wanted to ensure that manufacturer/supplier of this chemical would be a good fit from a long term supply chain perspective.

Celeritas was able to identify an active ingredient manufacturer of this chemical in India . Celeritas conducted due diligence in terms of

  • Sound financial health of the manufacturer
  • Efficient management processes and technical interface capability
  • Company’s long term view with the manufacture of the active ingredient
  • Qualify technical specifications and get them tested
  • Negotiate prices and volumes and availability of the product
  • Evaluate and advice other services both companies can take advantage of in order to become long term partners.

Celeritas Chemicals partner is about to enter into a long-term supplier contract with the Indian manufacturer. Celeritas will continue to facilitate this growing relationship.


Negotiate Better Terms

A large chemical distributor dealing with multitudes of chemicals approached Celeritas to supply a commodity. Chemical distributor’s objectives were:

  • Get this product at a price point that will afford them to keep acceptable margins
  • Ensure that they get the product at a low price, a price point that is constantly monitored and has a direct relationship to market fluctuations.
  • Supply the product on extremely short lead times
  • Product has acceptable levels of quality

In order to fulfill this requirement, Celeritas was able to identify a large manufacturer within the United States and work with the manufacturer to get the product to the distributor on a agreeable price point and agreeable delivery schedules. Celeritas has been proactive in trying to negotiate with the manufacturer to reduce prices constantly so that its customer is benefited all the time.