Supply Chain Solutions

With its global reach, Celeritas is able to help Product Managers, Technical Managers, Operations Managers and Purchasing Managers by functioning as their external Procurement Office or external Chemical Raw Material consultant. Celeritas represents their need to source unique raw material or raw materials that are in short supply or sometimes difficult to source.

We are able to:

  • Identify unique new material needs of the company.
  • Research the globe for manufacturers who can provide the raw material.
  • Conduct appropriate due diligence to assess manufacturer’s ability to support the product delivery at an appropriate price point.
  • Obtain appropriate manufactured quantities.
  • Work with buyer and supplier on product delivery schedules and logistics.
  • Ensure that the supply chain does not get interrupted.
  • We insure the product we find meets the exact specifications of the customer with consistent quality.
  • Throughout this process, Celeritas ensures the goals of the buyer, as well as the supplier, are met so that we can constantly achieve a win-win situation for all concerned parties.

If you are interested in our Supply Chain Solutions, please contact us by phone or email us. A member of our experienced team will then contact you with the information requested. We at Celeritas Chemicals thank you for your request and look forward to working with you in the future.