Zirconium Oxychloride Solution 17-20%

CELCHEM 51103-39

CAS NUMBER: 7699-43-6
CHEMICAL FORMULA: Aqueous solution of ZrOCl2
DESCRIPTION: Zirconium oxychloride is an acidic, water soluble compound of zirconium.It is a pale yellow to colorless solution.
APPLICATION: Treatment of titanium dioxide pigment to impart durability characteristics.Production of zirconium catalysts and chemicals.Cross linking agent.
CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: percent by weight on product basis unless indicated otherwise

*ZrO2, % 17.0
*Specific gravity @ 20C 1.30
Fe, % <0.003
Na, % <0.01
Si, % <0.0005
Ti, % <0.0005
Al, % <0.0005
pH <1.0

*Certificate of Analysis Properties

PACKAGING:4,500 gallon rubber-line steel tank trucks, bulk containers, and 55 gallon drums.


Materials of Construction:
1. Storage tanks
(a)Frp with epoxy vinyl ester resin(noteresinmanufactures guidlines on corrosion veil application).
(b) soft rubber lined carbon steel (API 650 tank specification recommended)
(c) polyethylene

2. pumps
(a)FRP (non metallic) such as offered by Met-Pro Corp,Fybroc Division and by Goulds.
(b)Solid Thermoplactic Polypropylene on Kynar® such as offered by Vanton.
(c)Thermoplastic lined ductile iron such as offered by Flowserve or Gould.
Note: for all pumps,a pump seal employing a dual mechanical type with Hastelloy® 276 Or C22 wetted parts where required using a clear water flush or a seal less magnetic drive type pump is suggested.

3. piping
(a)FRP with resin systemm equal to or better than dilute hydrochloric acid service or with dual laminate construction with polypropylene,CPVC,or Kynar ® liner.
(b)Polypropylene,Kynar ® ,or Teflon ®,lined steel pipe.
(c) CPVC(note piping suppliers design guidelines for proper pipe support and temperture limitation).

4. Storage Temperature:Ambient, freezes @5F.


SAFETY:Use local exhaust ventialted to minize vapor expose below PEL/TLV exposure limits. Protect Eyes an skin throught the use of chemical goggles,face shield,rubber or neoprene gloves,long sleeve shirts,and pants. Always wear rubber gloves, safety goggles and protective clothing. Do not use this product until the MSDS has been read, understood, and required safety precautions are followed.

SHIPPING POINTS: West Point,Mississippi

DOT MARKINGS: Corrosive Liquid,Acidic,Inorganic,n.o.s(Zirconium Oxychloride),8,UN3264,PG II,RQ(Zirconium Oxychloride,5000 lbs/2270 kg),Placarded Corrosive