Commodity Chemicals

Celeritas Chemicals has been successful in developing its niche with some commodity chemicals. These products are needed in large quantities by our customers and we have negotiated extremely attractive business terms leading to an effective method to get these products across from different parts of the world.

Typically these products are used across various industries. For example, Guar gum powder is used extensively in oil & gas industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry. This leads to fairly large demand for the product. Celeritas has identified critical manufacturers who can supply the product that will meet technical specifications, aggressive price point as well as stable demand and supply needs.Similar principle applies to other core products we deal with which is either commodity chemicals or specialty chemicals.

At Celeritas our job is to make your job of procuring these chemicals easy, it is our job to think though various issues such as supply fluctuations of the product, escalating prices of other products that might affect the product in question, logistics issues. Because we buy in large quantities, we have relationships across the supply chain of both the buyer organization and supplier organization, we feel confident that we deliver the best value at the right price. Currently, our commodity chemicals include:

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