Celeritas Chemicals Announces New Grades of High-Performance Organoclays for Paint and Coatings

Celeritas Chemicals Announces New Grades of High-Performance Organoclays for Paint and Coatings

Celeritas Chemicals, a specialty chemicals and materials supplier based in Grand Prairie, TX, has introduced 3 new high-performance grades of organophilic clays specifically designed for the paint and coatings industry.

Organoclays are popular viscosity modifiers for paints and resins requiring thixotropic flow. Smectite-based organoclays are modified with a quaternary ammonium salt which facilitates compatibility with a variety of organic solvent systems. In suspension, organoclays form a shear-thinning gel which stabilizes pigments and fillers. These purified bentonite clays enable homogeneous application of paints and coatings, while minimizing the need for polar activators and excessively high shear during dispersion.

CELCHEM 31743-09, 31744-09 and 31745-09 are organoclays (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for solvent-based systems of low to medium polarity. CELCHEM Organoclays offer the following advantages for paint and coatings formulators

  • High gelling efficiency over low to medium polarity organic liquids
  • Easy incorporation.
  • Consistent in rheology and thixotropy development
  • Excellent sag resistance and control of viscosity
  • Produce gel with light color and high transparency

CELCHEM 31743-09, 31744-09 and 31745-09 belong to the unconventional type of organoclays group, being easy-to-disperse, self-activated organoclays. They typically do not require a chemical (polar) activator to reach the proper level of delamination of the organoclay platelet stacks. However, certain applications may benefit from the addition of a polar activator to achieve the desired viscosity.

Typical applications include:

Acrylic paint Chlorinated rubber paint Solvent epoxy paint
Wooden paint Nitro lacquer Varnish
Adhesive Primer paint Zinc-rich paint
Alkyd paint Sealant Industrial paint
Inks(Mineral oil) Polyester paint Road paint
Inks(Nitro) Anti-corrosion paint Lubricating grease

As an additional benefit, production and supply chain efficiencies allow Celeritas Chemicals to offer these products at significant cost savings.

Celeritas Chemicals develops and markets specialty chemicals providing alternative sources of raw materials for multiple industries and markets. If your company needs a lower cost or a reliable high quality supply option for organoclays please contact Celeritas Chemicals at (817) 421-3271

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