Guar Gum

Guar Gum is hydrophilic polysaccharide from the seed of the guar plant. It is a galactomannan type of saccharide that is highly dispersible into water and brines of various types and salinity.

Its water solutions are non-Newtonian and also can be cross-linked by borate to give very high gel strength for suspension. Such a structure is easily broken with the use of breakers in the fracturing fluids, so it serves as a carrier for placing sand far back into fractures.

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Immediate Supply of Guar Gum Available in the US

The guar gum market has experienced unprecedented demand during the last 24 months, with prices increasing as much as 1,600%. To address the demand, Celeritas Chemicals has entered an agreement for immediate supply of guar gum to the U.S. market.

The guar gum market has experienced unprecedented demand during the last 24 months. The increased demand for guar gum stems from the energy industry’s use of guar for horizontal drilling and well fracturing or “fracking”. As overall demand for guar gum rose from 250,000 to 480,000 metric tons per year (350,000 metric tons for the energy industry alone) over the past 24 months, the price of guar gum increased as much as 1,600%. The spot prices of guar seed and gum skyrocketed and touched their highest rate in May 2012 due to high export demand and low production of the commodity. A small retreat in price occurred in July, 2012, but the outcome of the 2012 guar gum harvest is still not a certainty.

Celeritas Chemicals of Grand Prairie, TX is a company that specializes in providing assistance to companies affected by these changes. As part of these efforts, Celeritas Chemicals has entered into a supply agreement with one of the world's largest manufacturers of Guar Gum to provide a supply directly to the US market.

Celeritas Chemicals' CELCHEM 31708 Fast Hydrating Guar Gum Powder meets the viscosity and rheology requirements that are needed for demanding drilling applications. As an additional benefit, production and supply chain efficiencies allow Celeritas Chemicals to offer this product in the U.S. at significant cost savings. Furthermore, Celeritas Chemicals has Guar Gum Powder immediately available in their Houston, TX area warehouse.

Celeritas Chemicals develops and markets specialty chemicals providing alternative sources of raw materials for multiple industries and markets. If your company needs a lower cost or a reliable high quality supply option for Guar Gum, please contact Celeritas Chemicals at (817) 421-3271. Read More...

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