1. I would like to import only a few tons of raw materials, do you do that?

We deal with only bulk chemicals. By importing large volumes of chemicals, we are able to offer lower prices. However, we deal directly with chemical distributors and can help you locate a distributor specializing in the chemicals and quantities you are looking for.

2. What is the origin of the chemicals you sell?

We deal with both domestic as well as overseas manufacturers of chemicals. For example, we supply locally manufactured glycerin as well as that is manufactured in Malaysia . Overseas countries we deal with on a constant basis are Argentina , Brazil , China , Malaysia , Indonesia , Turkey , India , Indonesia , Israel , Middle East , Poland and Russa.

3. How do you know the manufacturers in different parts of the world?

Many of us have lived and worked overseas. Through this, we have developed professional relationships with various manufacturing companies in different parts of the world. Also, we research the globe in search of unique chemicals or lower cost products, without compromising values such as integrity, trust, quality and reliability.

4. What do you look for in a manufacturer?

We look for whether they manufacture the chemicals we seek, and if they have sound manufacturing processes. Most of our manufacturing companies have ISO 9000 manufacturing certification and adhere to strict global manufacturing standards. We also look for solvency, staying away from ‘fly by night’ operators.

5. What are some key ingredients for lower prices?

Some countries are able to supply product at a lower cost due lower manufacturing and raw material costs. Because we deal in bulk quantities, unit price for products are usually lower.

6. How is the product transported and delivered to the customer?

We purchase the product from the manufacturer on a FOB basis where in the manufacturer delivers the product to the nearest port in their respective country. From that point, we use third party transporters to ship the product overseas. We sometimes have the product delivered by the manufacturer to a port in the US on a CIF basis and employ a customs broker to clear the product through the U.S. Customs. Last, the product is transported inland within the US either by rail or truck to the customer’s warehouse.

7. How does customer pay for the product?

To ease the acquisition of our various chemical products, we work with our customers by offering different payment alternatives:

  • At customer's account, by Documentary Credit (Letter of Credit) in US Dollars payable At Sight, or at 30, 60, 90 day terms, or more, from Bill of Lading date, and at the actual United States bank discount rates.
  • CAD (Cash At Delivery)
  • 30 days credit terms to qualified buyers
  • Some customers may enter into an annual contract and payment terms will be as per the agreement

8. What information we need in order to source a chemical?

We need to know the product, price desired, and port of destination or address to where the product has to be delivered to. We also need supply schedules, lead time, special packaging, loading and unloading characteristics, product technical specifications, and physical properties.

9. Where do you find your suppliers/manufacturers?

We have created a database of manufacturers in different countries that are listed by product type and technical specifications. Some time these suppliers are categorized by price points, delivery schedules, flexibilities and supply availability.

10. How is Celeritas able to operate in these markets?

For the service we render to the buyer, Celeritas Chemical delivers products to their destinations by adding a margin that covers our contribution costs, transfer pricing and incidentals plus a profit margin. By adding value at competitive market rates to both the Buyer and Seller, Celeritas has become a niche player, fulfilling a role others are either unable or unwilling to undertake.

11. Which products are we dominant in?

We deal with both commodity and specialty chemicals. Please review the list of Commodity and Speciality chemicals, that we deal in. Some of the commodity products which we are dominant are in the oil drilling industry, paint & coating industry, and adhesives and sealants industry.

12. Do we have warehouse chemicals?

Because we deal on a case by case basis, we warehouse only certain chemicals. Please contact us if there is a particular chemical you are interested in. Many of the chemicals we deal with are purchased on just-in-time requirements basis.

13. Can we order chemicals from the website?

No. We don’t have an eCommerce based website where you can buy chemicals online. Please phone or email us and we will be glad to help you for your needs.

14. If we need additional information about specific product(s), where can we get that information?

Some of the products we deal with have information listed on our website. For those products not listed, we’ll be happy to get that information for you. Please phone or email us, so we can provide the quality attention you deserve.

15. If we approve of your specifications for a product, what are next logical for a buyer?

Phone or email us and let’s discuss your needs. Some companies prefer to test our product, and we’ll arrange to get you samples. In some cases, there might not be a need for samples. If we are in agreement on all levels such as product, price, delivery point, then the buyer has to provide us a purchase order to move forward

16. Do you have additional questions?

Please Phone or email us. We look forward to hearing from you, answering all your questions and being given an opportunity to do business with you.

17. How to buy Products through us?

Here is a specific scenario: Once a buyer has identified a product that they want Celeritas wants to source , we will research and determine which manufacturer has the ability to provide the product. Celeritas will then provide the manufacturer specific product details and technical specifications. Upon approval of the specification or after sample analysis, we can enter into discussions about product pricing and delivery logistics with the buyer.

18. What kind of packaging do your chemicals come in?

Most of the packaging is provided by the manufacturer. We can provide dry goods in bags, drums and super sacks. We can provide liquid products in drums, ISO tanks, and flexi tanks.

Here are some pictures of packaging that is provided by specific manufacturers. We are able to provide chemicals in standard and specialized packaging.

For few of our manufacturer's storage methods, please click on the following files:

Isotank | Flexitanks