What We Do

Celeritas assists companies by providing their products and procurement services to their end-users in a cost efficient manner. We work with technical managers, product managers, product development managers, purchasing managers, finance managers, and commodity managers of industry end users and chemical distributors of client companies:

  • Gather client requirements in terms of raw materials needed, technical product specifications, quantity needed, port of delivery and storage.
  • Negotiate financing arrangements, including letters of credit and other financial arrangements.
  • Research and source raw materials - unique or highly commoditized ones across the world.
  • Help customers reduce their raw material and inventory management costs.
  • Research and put together turn-key solutions such as outsourcing R&D or the manufacture of final products by highly reliable suppliers in countries which have tremendous cost advantages.

Celeritas resolves chemical procurement challenges through established partnerships with customers and suppliers. Challenges include:

  • Finding the right source for chemical raw materials from different parts of the world.
  • Reducing overall operating costs by decreasing inventory and raw materials costs.
  • Streamlining the process of raw materials sourcing, payment and just-in-time delivery instances.
  • Ensuring 100% reliability of chemical and raw materials supplied.

Celeritas can take on your company's pain points, allowing you to concentrate on your core business - manufacturing products, increasing sales and enhancing shareholder value.